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Let's hear it for school music.
Practice Makes Perfect!
Join your school band now!
Why Join The Band
Most of us have enjoyed making music since we were just little kids. Remember banging on Mom's pots and pans or blowing into a soda bottle.

Now you have the chance of really learning how to make music by joining the band! Band is an experience that will last a lifetime.

Playing a musical instrument builds self-confidence and self-discipline. Developing your musical skills through your own practice at home will teach you important lessons to use throughout life.

In band, you learn to be part of a group while contributing to your own talents. Learning to get along and work with others is a very important lesson to learn.

Special talents are not needed to play a musical instrument. With time and practice, anyone can learn to play an instrument.

Most important - playing in band is just plain good fun! Parades, festivals, contests and camps are just some of the activities band members share with one another.

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Choosing an Instrument
Your child's music teacher will be able to guide your child in the selection of the instrument best suited for her/his abilities.
What If Your Instrument Needs Servicing
COLLINS has a full time service department that can take care of any repair on your instrument. Our in-store service department is equipped to handle the smallest adjustment to complete overhauls. COLLINS has road service personnel that call on your child's school and can take care of minor repairs at no cost.

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Here's How The Rental Plan Works
1. With the help of the school band director, you select which type of instrument you wish to have your child play.
2. You may rent any instrument that best fits your needs from COLLINS -- new or used. The rental fees vary, but most rent for about $50.00 for the trial period (3 months or semester, depending on the school's preference). The rental fee on saxophones will be higher.
3. While the instrument is on rent from COLLINS, it is fully insured against fire and theft, as well as any maintenance. There is no charge for this coverage during the rental period!
4. When the rental period is over, you have the option of keeping or returning the instrument. The rental fee will be fully applied towards the purchase of the instrument. COLLINS has a monthly rental/purchase plan available for your convenience. There is also a discount for paying the balance in full at the end of the rental period.
5. If you do not wish to purchase the instrument at the end of the rental period, you simply return it to the school for us to pick up. If you decide that you want something different than what you have on rent, please let us know. We'll gladly apply your rental fee towards any other instrument.

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(PLEASE NOTE): The trial rental program is only available in the school districts that are serviced by Collins Music. If you are unsure whether your school is serviced by us, or if you have any additional questions, please call us at 1-800-455-2263.

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